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Dedicated to Scottish Freemasonry

Ordo Ab Chao

“For we be brethren of the Rosie Cross,

We have the Mason Word and second sight,

Things for to come we can foretell aright.”

From: ‘The Muses Threnodie,’ by Henry Adamson, 1638. 

Rose = Ros (Dew). Croix = + (LVX).

Igne Natura Renovatur Integra (Entire nature is renovated by fire)

Igne Nitrum Roris Invenitur (By fire the nitre of the dew is extracted)

Masonic Song: Ye Sons of Old Killie

By Bro. Robert Burns

Ye sons of Auld Killie, assembled by Willie,
To follow the noble vocation;
Your thrifty old mother has scarce such another
To sit in that honoured station.
I’ve little to say, but only to pray,
As praying’s the ton of your fashion;
A prayer from the muse you well may excuse,
`Tis seldom her favorite passion.

Ye powers who preside o’er the wind and the tide,
Who marked each element’s border,
Who formed this frame with beneficent aim
Whose sovereign statute is order,
Within this dear mansion may wayward contention,
Or withered Envy ne’er enter,
May secrecy round be the mystical bound
And brotherly love be the center.

"I will strive to Live with Love & Care

Upon the Level, By the Square."

*These verses are from a brass square dated 1507, found in the east corner of the north foundation of Baals Bridge in Limerick, Ireland, in 1830. 

Freemasonry definition:

“Freemasonry is a peculiar system of morality, veiled
in allegory and illustrated by symbols.”

*From the Craft Ritual.