The Early Grand Rite of Scotland (EGSR)

In the 18th century some Scottish Templar Encampments received warrants from Ireland and they worked a collection of degrees from various sources. This developed into the Early Grand Rite of Scotland. The Early Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland and the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland united in 1895. The Grand Encampment of the Temple and Malta in Scotland obtained independence from Irish control in 1822, and united with the Great Priory of the Temple in Scotland in 1909. The Scottish Grand Council of Rites became dormant, and most of its degrees are now controlled (but not worked) by the Grand College of Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests in Newcastle upon Tyne. Brethren who wish to examine the old disused ritual workings of the EGSR, can obtain them here: Collectanea – Masonic Rituals | Grand College of Rites.

The Early Grand Mother Royal Arch Chapter

4º Funeral Master,
5º Fellow Craft Mark,
6º Marked Master.
7º Architect,
8º Grand Architect,
9º Master of the Blue or Knight of Solomon,
10º Past Master or Master of all Symbolic Lodges,
11º Royal Ark Mariner,
12º Fugitive Mark,
13º Link and Chain,
14º Jacob’s Wrestle or Sublime Master,
15º Order of the Scarlet Cord, (Heroin of Jerico)
16º Order of Brotherly Love, (Secret Monitor)
17º Royal Master,
18º Select Master,
19º Most Excellent Master,
20º Excellent Mason,
21º Super-Excellent Mason,
22º Holy Royal Arch,

The Early Grand Encampment of the Temple and Malta

23º Knight of the Red Cross of Rome and Constantine,

24º Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, 
25º Knights of St. John,
26º Knight of the Christian Mark,
27º Holy and Illustrious Order of the Cross.
28º The Pilgrim,
29º Knight Templar,
30º Knights of St. Paul or Mediterranean Pass,
31º Knights of Malta,

The Scottish Grand Council of Rites

32º Prince of Babylon or Suspending Cross of Babylon,
33º Prince Mason,
34º Knight of the Black Cross,
35º Knight of Bethany,
36º Knight of the White Cross,
37º Knight of Patmos,
38º Knight of Death,
39º Knight of the Rosy Cross of St. Andrew, Heredom of Kilwinning,
40º Knight of the Black and White Eagle,
41º Priestly Order of the Temple, or White Mason (Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest),
42º Priest of the Sun (Knights of the Sun, Prince Adept and Key of Masonry),
43º Priest of Eleusis,
44º The Mother Word, or Royal Secret.

Appendant degrees of the Grand College of the Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests

I° Funeral Master
II° Master of the Blue or Knight of Solomon
III° Most Excellent Master
IV° Excellent Mason and Master of the Veils
V° Sublime Master of Jacob’s Wrestle
VI° Fugitive Mark
VII° Architect
VIII° Order of the Scarlet Cord of Knight of Rahab
IX° Knight of the Three Kings or The Balance
X° Knight of the North
XI° Knight of the South
XII° Knight of Patmos or Philippi
XIII° Knight of Redemption
XIV° Knight of Death or Elysium
XV° Knight of the Holy Grave
XVI° Knight of the Christian Mark
XVII° Knight of Bethany
XVIII° Knight of the Royal Prussian Blue
XIX° Knight of Eleusis
XX° Knight of Palestine
XXI° Knight of St. John the Baptist
XXII° Knight of the Cross
XXIII° Knight of the Black Cross
XXIV° Knight of the White Cross
XXV° Knight of the White Cross Torpichen
XXVI° Knight of the Suspended Cross of Babylon
XXVII° Knight of the Red Cross of Jerusalem
XXVIII° Knight of the Red Cross or Roseae Crucis
XXIX° Knight of the Triple Cross
XXX° Grand Cross of St. John
XXXI° Made free from Harodim
XXXII° Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priest